100 workout Challenge

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A nearly 6 month challenge for accountability and consistency.  This is not a race or see who can get more done.  This challenge is to help you focus, push through tough times and help you stay consistent through vacations, the cool days of October and the busy times in November and Dec.


Whats involved:

  • And average of 4-5 sessions per week.  

  • Consistently coming to your training sessions

  • Getting a card stamped each time you train(or checked after you go out of town)

  • Only 1 stamp/day.  

  • Sessions on your own need to be at least 30 of active, intentional exercise( walking the mall or on city walking is nice but, Challenging yourself to do 30 minutes of core or one of the posted sessions if you are out of town is really the challenge)

  • You need to do at least 70 of the workouts with or at a Bent on Fitness Session.


Every 25th stamp you will get a bonus only for those in the Challenge


Extra or fun challenges along the way.  Last year for example:  Eat a new food, go for an extra walk, drink only water, learn something new


I will have extra workouts for posted on the facebook group or on the website.  If you do one of these workouts you just post a pic and send it for the group to share.  Either via email BRINGYOURBESTFITNESS@GMAIL.COM  or facebook group:            100 WORKOUT CHALLENGE


We all can use a little push and accountability in the way of a goal.  This challenge is meant to be that reminder to bring your best and to push toward your goal even when the days are short and you feel tired.



1st 25 workouts Done!

Get your gift today!

You out of town this week?

try these body weight Intervals

Body weight intervals.  Try one of the variations for your training session today. 

5 Rounds of either time or reps

    Set a timer and see how many sets of         10reps you can do of each movement


Plan out your reps.  8 10 or 20 reps of each and then decide on how many rounds 


Like Superfit

5 rounds of 30:30 (30 seconds work 30 seconds rest.  

New Workout

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

In 10 minutes Rest 2 minutes Repeat

  • 10 speed squats/Full Body extension

  • 10 Hand to shoulder(ea arm)

  • 5 push ups

  • 10 mogul jumps(both feet together jump side to side, jumps are at least two feet apart)