Shauna: Even in Tough times I train
 To feel better inside and out
To increase speed and agility
Focused and Motivated
No time like now best shape ever
Forever Fitness
Perseverence and focus


This is Marilee

This is what she does.

We call this,

bringin IT!

This is who she does IT for.

Kathleen and Donovan

My husband and I have been taking Bent on Fitness classes for well over 6 months now. We like them for so very many reasons. First and foremost is the difference they are making in our lives. They have changed the way we look and feel, but we have had so much fun in the process. The Bent on Fitness sessions are a blast! We always look forward to seeing her and the other members of the class. Each month offers different workouts than the last, so we are never bored and the activities are all simple, yet effective.

It is Suzie's vast knowledge of nutrition and kinesiology that blows us away. We have yet to stump her with a question and she always shares tidbits here and there that help with daily life. Give her classes a try, you will love them!

-Kathleen and Donovan Driscoll

This is Gail.

 Three years ago, Suzie advertised a special program that promised to get you fit in "31 days" (the month of May, 2010).  I thought, "Now that is something I can do" And I did.  I started working out  three mornings a week and got hooked on feeling awesome!  I'm still attending 3 mornings a week and love the feeling of being able to check a workout off my list by 6:45am.  Recently, I joined The Skinny Jean challenge.  I really felt that I needed to change the way I ate, not just to lose that stubborn 10 pounds.  I followed her program, cut out bread and pasta (and chips, etc), replaced them with veggies and green shakes, and used a food journal.  I used to hate veggies but once you cut out the bad stuff, your palette really changes.  I even have seconds on vegetables now!  I lost 15 pounds and 2 pant sizes WITHOUT trying to lose weight, just change my eating habits.   Suzie is always encouraging and keeping things fresh to challenge us old timers who get set in their ways.  I owe all my new pairs of pants to Bringing my Best Everyday with Superfit and being Bent on Fitness!  

-Gail Powers