It's time to make a plan. It's time to get started

Bent on Fitness is not a gym, but a system of programs to lead you to become the best you can be in fitness and wellness.

We offer several options and ways to be involved.  We want you to be your best and so we bring our best every day.


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Strategy Session: $49 

A strategy session is essential for beginning your journey with Bent on Fitness.  This is  a private session where we will discuss your goals and complete a full fitness evaluation.   This session is required before you start your training to keep you safe and correctly working within your goals. 

Current Bent on Fitness members may also purchase a strategy session at any time if your goals change, or if you would like to be re-evaluated, or are ready to try something new.

$267 ($89/month - 3 Month Contract) or

$99 (Month to Month)

Level 1: Essential Training

Group training to help you reach your goals, stay motivated and connected in the community.  The Essential training program offers dynamic training in Superfit, core stability and mobility training in Fitcore and balance and control with Superstretch.  The mobility sessions are designed to help you Press Reset on Your Original Strength and get your body moving as it was designed.  

With 20+ sessions per week, The Essential Training program is an unlimited sessions program. No card punching or being limited to only 2 sessions per week, enjoy unlimited training.  

Simple Strength: 12-Week Program

$330 - Each Session Limited to 8 Members

$285 - Returning Members

Simple Strength is a Bent on Fitness smaller group setting designed for those who may want to take their movement at a bit slower pace, or who may have special movement needs.  This program includes 2 special classes per week, and 2 private sessions which will be scheduled during the 12-week program. 


Ask about the next session.

Becoming a LEAN Thinker:
40-Day Reconnect Program

$Cost and next session coming soon

Become a LEAN Thinker.  In this program, you will learn the skills to stay on track, get back on track or even to remember where the track is.   Want to reach your goals? Want to learn new habits of how to be able to sustain your results? 


Becoming a LEAN Thinker is a process of changing not just your mind but your HABITS.  Becoming a LEAN thinker is about challenging the way you think about your nutrition, how you spend your energy, what you think about and the words you think and say about who you are.   We start with a 40-Day Reconnect.  This will renew your focus and to help you discover your why.  

Ask about the next session.

This is the complete group program offering includes:

Level 1: Essential Training

- Plus -

MELT&Mobility and

LEAN Strength Sessions

listed below

Level 2: Ultimate Essential Training

$492 ($164/month - 3 Month Contract) or

$184 (Month to Month)

MELT&Mobility (M&M)

$99/month - Stand Alone Program

$55/month - Level 1 Essentials Add-On

Included in Level 2 Ultimate Essentials Training

MELT is Self-care used to help Rehydrate, Release, Restore & Reconnect the body thru easy movements utilizing specially designed rollers and balls.  You will be able to customize an appropriate Movement Map to help you find relief from the everyday stress that gets stuck in the body.

M&M includes Melt training,

Mobility sessions and

Superstretch Sessions

LEAN Strength

$55/month - Level 1 Essentials Add-On

Included in Level 2 Ultimate Essentials Training

Build strength to focus on staying LEAN  is part of the Becoming a LEAN Thinker program but is a stand-alone session as well. In a smaller group, you will develop strength and dynamic mobility in order to help you maintain your body

composition goals.

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$95 per session

$20 per session
$180/10 Session


​Individual Private Session
Traveler Group Sessions
Ask about Semi-Private Group Sessions