Change the focus for weight loss to Wellness.  Lose up to 2 pant sizes in 8 weeks!

two things when we looked at why this was happening.

  1. There was a disconnect between total pounds lost and how that person felt. 


  1. The individual would be 80% compliant on their exercise but was not getting the same outcome on their nutrition. 

Well, we not only want to be help you find the solution to that problem we want to be part of the solution.  We will help you to be the best You!


This challenge is about focusing on something other than the scale.  I want to get the emphasis off of the numbers and instead on how you feel and fit in your clothes, which is what is most important.  Are you feeling good? Are you looking good and fitting into your jeans?  Everyone can be a winner!  The only deciding factor to whether you win this challenge is –Do your jeans fit?  And they have to really fit.  You want to be able to wear them in public and feel confident and good about yourself.  This is the Goal.

So, find your pair of jeans(you know the pair hiding in the back of your closet) and fill out the goal setting homework included and get yourself focused because you can win this challenge!  Everyone Can! 

  1. Get your jeans

  2. Fill out your goals sheet

  3. Continue with the nutrition advice

  4. Establish exercise goals

  5. Get into your Skinny Jeans!!!

80% of men and women go on a diet.  50% of those quit or never finish and go on to do another diet

Dropped 3 sizes in 8 weeks!

Changed her mindset

Stronger Together

Now, you have gone thru the Drop 2 Challenge.  Its time to become a LEAN thinker

For more information on Becoming a LEAN Thinker contact us at or 

Suzie Gullett 805-217-3153