Mobility Matters 

Our mobility and stability are the basis to all our movement. Number 1 fear for individuals as we age is falling. Mobility helps our body to function better so we can improve balance and strength. The two big components of movement most people will loose as they age.
However even if you are in your 20's 30's or 40's mobility matters. It helps in unlocking sticky joints and increasing range of motion. As well as improving your bigger muscle movements like the Squat or the dead lift. 
Come and connect learn how to:
become a more effective mover
Learn how to get out of pain, and
Develop tools to use if you are in a pain cycle. Appropriate for all fitness levels and ages. Call if you have specific injuries or limitations. 
$145 members
$175 non members

Call if you have any questions. 


 HOURS of Operation



Friday 5:00 am-12:00 pm





All Sessions Held at:

    The Fountain Foursquare Church

    11930 W Los Angeles Ave

    Moorpark CA  93021